Wednesday, September 20, 2017

jokes for dayz

  • What do you call a fish with no i.Answer Fsh
  • Knock knock (who’s there) interrupting cow(interrupting cow mooo.
  • What do you get when when you put A  with a hole.Answer  ahole
  • Knock knock who's there orange orange who orange you glad i did not say banana.
  • what do you call a and indien with ham on his head a hammer
Egg Puns

It’s eggcellent
It’s eggstreme
I did not eggspect that

Undertale puns

What do you call a broken pencil never mind it's pointless.Knock knock who's there old lady old lady who i did not know you could yodel


What do you call a book that ed was reading shhhhh he's booked.

How do you get on tv? You sit on it

How do you really get on tV? You jump in it.

How do you get a one hand dumdie to fall of a tree? You wave.
What do you get when you put sand in a witch together? A sandwich.
What do you call fredd and the y. freddy
What did the ocean say to the sea. nothing it just waved. oh i sea what you doing. i'm

Dinner Menu

Create a 3 or more dinner menu.
Starter .
  1. Fish And Chips and Nuggets soup.
  2. Pies and crips and Nuggets soup.
  3. Nuggets and soup.
  4. Lemon pie.
  5. Meat Pie.
  6. Potato Pie.

Desserts :
  1. Ice cream
  2. Rainbow Jelly
  3. Strawberry Ice cream.
  4. Rainbow Ice cream.
  5. Jelly ice cream
  6. Vanilla Ice cream.

  1. .

Monday, September 18, 2017


Directions for the Easter Bunny

Directions for the easter bunny
The easter bunny went all the way to the coromandel to where i am staying.But he doesn't know the way so i need to write him some directions.Here they are.

You start on the beach facing the ramp go north for 5 meters.Stop at the road look both ways if there are no cars carry on going north for 3 meters.Unlock the gate and go north up the driveway for 4 meters.Go east for 1 meter. “You have arrived at my beach house now lets see if you can make it to my room’’.

Go North 30 cm and Push the door towards you
(watch out for my dogs Abby and Poppy)
Poppy                        Abby
.Then cary on going north for 7 meters but don’t trip on the stairs on your way.turn east into my bedroom.

Well done you have made it to my house!
For this year!
By Millie cameron

Williams kn'ex rocket

inqury writing

Cain trapper What i already know about levers
1.a man thought he could lift the world with just a lever!
2.levers help us lift things with less effort
3.a lever is one of the most basic forms of simple machines
4.a lever can be described as a long rigid body with a fulcrum along its length
Questions                                                        1.where does the fulcrum go?If the wood is 1m the fulcrum goes 30cm along its body far can the object travel? 1m or less fast can the object go? 1 sec depending on weight you have to weigh a certain weight?you have to weight 34 kg or more have levers changed over time? Levers were first developed around 440 million years ago.a long time after that,maybe about ten million years ago some kinds of animals discovered how to use artificial levers   


This is my potions it includes: potion of illusions, potion of immortal, potion of mutation and potion of ATOMIC.